Mantra – Glam and Sexuality

Born out of imagination, sexuality, performance, and glam, she’s all of the above and far from ordinary. Excitement and energy are combined when Mantra hits the stage. Well choreographed and delicious is a great way to describe a Mantra performance. She is not like the rest of the  gurls at all, in fact she teases you with her sexy boyish body and commands the attention of a true Diva. The 2012 Pure Pride Edmonton show is a magical journey through fantasy, sexuality and celebration. We are excited to have Mantra as a featured performer and will be another big reason not to miss the experience and memories that the 2012 show will bring. Mantra has performed the biggest clubs and events in her home of Vancouver including; Celebrities, The Odyssey, Rapture, Hard Party and Winter Pride in Whistler. Werq!




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