Vancouver’s Zach Shore plays Pure Pride Calgary

Music was built into Zach Shore’s DNA. He started his DJ career many years ago in a studio created by his father who was once a DJ himself. Playing underground parties, Zach adopted his own pliable style and became one of the most flexible house music DJs, tailoring his energetic sets to his audiences and clubs. His style has graced countless dance floors and wowed thousands of club goers. With years of experience the music selection and the moods he creates captivates his crowds and keeps them coming back for more.

Zach is aggressively developing on the production side of music. His dance remixes have been getting the nod of approval from artist and DJ’s. Zach also creates soundtracks for video and animations for companies throughout North America. This fusion of talent is what makes DJ Zach Shore one of Vancouver’s most highly sought after DJs.

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