Pure Pride 10th Anniversary Costume Party Starring Miss Fame

10 years of celebration with you brings us to this special moment being “Together 2015”.

A full decade of amazing people, countless celebrity performances, smiling faces joins us with a great night of music by the all-star DJ Dopamine, fierce drag performances from April Storm, Teen-Jesus Barbie, Tara Bull, The Queens of The Orient (Tiara, Rosell, Amaya & Monica), the sexy Pure Pride boys, The Briefing Room Underwear Show and the most fierce queen of the Rupauls Dragrace Season 7 MISS FAME! Miss Fame will be doing 2 artistic performances and a special photo-shoot//meet & greet with those lucky enough to have gotten VIP tickets. The night will be filled with great dance music, high energy visuals and performances starting right at 9pm when the doors open.

Wear your favourite party costume to help create an amazing fun party atmosphere that has become a tradition with the Together event. This party is to celebrate YOU the Pure Pride family of supporters who make living in Edmonton and Calgary better. Get your fun costume ready and we will see you at 9pm on April 18th.

This is going to be a special night to remember as we present it with friendship and love.

Thank you for celebrating with us for 10 amazing years. Expect surprises!

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